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What is change?

Sometimes change occurs on its own, like we’ve gained a couple of pounds therefore our jean size changes. In other instances change occurs with our help, like we’re unhappy with the extra pounds that we’ve gained therefore we choose to change our diet.

Often times we are afraid of this change, however change can be beautiful. Let’s start with the example stated above:

What are the benefits of changing your diet?

Well, changing your diet can not only improve your appearance but it can ultimately boost your self-esteem. With higher self-esteem, you will automatically feel better about yourself. And if you feel better about yourself, you already are better than your ‘yesterday’ self.

Rather we choose to acknowledge it or not, our lives are constantly changing. Some people may argue that change happens for the better or for the worse but I believe it is all about perspective. All change can boost your self-esteem if you allow it to. Our duty is to learn how to embrace this change and finally accept it.

Accept that change leaves room for growth so instead of fighting against it, why not fight with it? Fight for change because change is development. Change develops you into the person you are meant to be in that precise moment. Regardless of the circumstances, change will always mold you into a better version of yourself. That is who we are destined to be every day, a better version of ourselves.

So if you are currently struggling with a certain change in your life, stop for a second. BREATHE. Take as much time as you may need but simply breathe. Breathe and let go. Surrender yourself to this change and you will begin to see the changes that this ‘change’ will do in your life.

I now challenge you to change your perspective on change and change.





Making a Decision

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know what to do? Like you’re stuck in between option A or option B? If your answer is “yes,” you are not alone. In fact, most people seem to struggle over decision-making throughout their entire lifespan. The majority would argue that being indecisive is “perfectly normal.” And I’m not here to disagree, however I don’t completely agree either. Here is the reason why:

*Stop and revisit a time when you thought you were struggling over making a decision*


*Stop and think of that decision you think you’re currently struggling with making*

You just got accepted into Medical School in New York and in California. Considering that you’ve lived in California all of your life, your family and friends are here. Not to mention, you’d save a whole lot if you just lived at home BUT the idea of being in a new state excites you. You’re aware that you can’t really afford life in New York but “winging it” doesn’t sound like such a bad idea either. You find yourself constantly asking yourself, “What should I do?”

You just got offered a job that pays double than your current job, but you’re fairly comfortable with your boss that loves you, coworkers that are like family and the 15 minute drive to and from work. You complain day and night about how long you’ve been working there with no possibility of growth yet starting all over again simply frightens you. Again, you find yourself asking yourself, “What should I do?”


Reality is we know what to do. We know exactly what to do. We just don’t know how.


Although some decisions may be more difficult to make than others, chances are we all know exactly what to do after a few hours/days of contemplating. What we don’t know is how to do it.

“How will I make this decision” is more applicable than “I don’t know what decision to make.” Why? Well, because the decision has already been made.

You know it’s best to stay in California, you just don’t know how you’ll walk away from the idea of living in New York.

You know you’re better off taking that new job offer, you just don’t know how you’ll be able to manage without the comfort of what you’re already familiar with.

So next time you think you don’t know what decision to make. Think again, you already know what do. Just take a step back followed by a deep breath and remember that it is “perfectly normal” to be a little intimidated by the unknown. But don’t let that stop you from making the “right” decision, whatever “right” may be for YOU.





How to deal with everyday stress

Everyone feels stressed from time to time and that is okay. Why you may ask? Although stress is often interpreted as a negative reaction to a specific “challenge” which then may ultimately cause high levels of anxiety, depression and many other problems, stress can be beneficial if used to ones advantage.

*Think of a time that you were stressed*

Wasn’t your heart beating faster than usual? Didn’t that automatically trigger a signal in your brain to react quicker? Maybe that meant study twice as hard for your O Chem final or maybe that meant prepare just a little more for that power-point presentation at work. Regardless of the circumstance, instead of choosing to see stress as the enemy, think of it as a best friend that’s simply keeping you on your toes.

*Take a minute to reflect on why you’re stressed*

Are you stressed because you feel unprepared, incompetent or insecure?

If the answer is “yes,” then this stress is only a reminder that you need to work harder:

  • You need to work harder in order to feel prepared enough to ace that exam.
  • You need to work harder in order to feel competent enough to land that dream job.
  • You need to work harder in order to feel secure enough to maintain your relationship.

Don’t let stress consume you. Learn how to link stress to a wake-up call and allow its positive effects to sharpen you.

No matter what, this stress that you’re feeling is just a sign that you are human; an imperfect human with so much room for improvement! Use it to your advantage. Push yourself to reach your full potential. Because the truth is, we are all capable!

So go ahead, be capable!